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Not Sure As What To Put On Your Nametag?

Here are some suggestions!
Hello My Name is ...

Let your name tag start your next conversation by writing an interesting factoid along with your name.
This gives the person next to you an opportunity to say something about what you have written.
Here are some suggestions. Some depend on the type of meeting your are attending.

Recent Creations

Conversation Starting Topics:
  • where you are from (now or where you grew up)
  • your department (company meeting)
  • staff position
  • your relationship (family gathering)
  • job title
  • a question you need answered (have you heard ...)
  • a buzzword for the curious
  • a fun fact about yourself
  • something you sell
  • something you like to do
  • a favorite thing
  • a favorite food (school potluck, summer camp)
  • a record you hold
  • something you don't like
  • something people don't know about you
  • funny punchline
  • hobby or sport
  • your astrological sign
  • witty proverb
  • amount of something (number of kids, distance from home)
  • favorite song, movie, book etc.
Opening Lines:
  • Stop looking at my nametag
  • I have your answer
  • I am your Future
  • Ask me about

Other uses for name tags:

  • stickers for your kids' doors
  • make labels for your things
  • labels for school projects
  • class reunions
  • science fairs

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